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Jewelry welding

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1. This machine adopts ergonomic design, which is more suitable for fine jewelry industry products. It is beautiful and elegant, has stable performance, and is suitable for long-term continuous work.

2. Small size, easy to carry

3. The work area is equipped with switches to adjust lighting, laser and other parameters, which is more convenient use.

4. Easy to replace, the working area is clean, and the welding waste is recycled.

5. Ring-shaped LED shadowless light with adjustable brightness allows for clearer observation of the welding position.

6. The light spot is more refined to meet the needs of precision welding.


Technical Parameter

Laser wavelength1064nm
Reflector in condenser cavityCeramic condenser cavityCeramic condenser cavityCeramic condenser cavity
Max laser power200W200W150W
Rated powef8KW8KW5KW
Pluse width0.1-10MS
Spot adjustment range0.2-2mm0.2-2mm0.2-2mm
Laser frequency1-20HZ1-20HZ1-20HZ
Cooling system1P1P0.6P
Observing systemCCD or Microscope


It is specially designed for the repairing and welding of precision instruments, all types of metal articlesand gold and silver jewelry.

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