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Mold repair fiber laser welding

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1. Equipped with a special chiller with dual temperature and dual control, which can meet the long-term work, and has better stability during high-power welding;

2. The base of the worktable is electrically lifted, and the worktable is moved using a precision ball screw and a high-precision straight guide rail, which is light and flexible, accurate in positioning, and can bear up to 100 kg;

3. The laser head can slide back and forth, and the objective lens is equipped with water cooling; the laser head can be easily rotated 90 degrees, which is convenient for repairing and welding any side;

4. The welding depth is large, the welding is more firm, the welding part can be fully melted without pores and trachoma, and the repair marks are neat and beautiful.


Technical Parameter

Laser wavelength1080(±10)nm
Pluse width1-80MS
Max laser power1000W1500W
Rated powef6KW7KW
Supply voltage(V)220V/50HZ
Spot adjustment range0.1-5MM0.1-5MM
Laser frequency1-30HZ1-30HZ
Cooling systemCw1000Cw1500
Observing systemCCD or Microscope


It is suitable for repairing cracks, chipping corners, touching edges and damaged sealing edges of hard materials such as molds, precision injection molding, die casting, stamping, stainless steel, etc.

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