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Gantry galvanometer laser welding machine

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1. Fast speed, large depth, small deformation, beautiful welding seam, less consumables and low energy consumption; 

2. The dedicated welding control system has high stability and is easy to understand and learn. It can realize continuous welding points, straight lines, circles, arcs, etc., and can be programmed arbitrarily; 

3. The electric translation stage is adopted, with high repeat positioning accuracy, fast welding speed and fast processing speed; 

4. High-speed scanning galvanometer is used for laser welding, which greatly improves production efficiency



Technical Parameter

Laser wavelength1080(±10)nm
Output iber length10M
Max laser power1000W1500W2000W
Rated power6KW7KW8KW
Supply voltage(V)220V/50HZ220V/50HZ380V/50HZ
Spot adjustment range0.1-5MM0.1-5MM0.1-5MM
Laser frequency1-10000HZ1-10000HZ1-10000HZ
Cooling systemCw1000Cw1500


Observing systemCCDor Red light


Weldable fine electronic components, new energy batteries, electronic components, vacuum cups, stainless steel products, sensors, tungsten wires, aluminum alloys, laptop casings, electrical accessories, etc.

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