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3015 Fiber laser cutting machine with cover

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It features a dual interchangeable working table system and a 360° comprehensive protection device, creating a fully enclosed chamber that effectively controls smoke and ensures a clean working environment. This design allows the equipment to maintain exceptional cutting stability at high power and high-speed operations, elevating its product positioning to higher standards.

Robust Main Frame Welding:

 Utilizing a mixed welding structure of profiles and plates, with over 60% of the structure comprised of sheet metal. This design provides a stable welding process, flexibility in design, ease of manufacturing, rational structural arrangement, strong rigidity, excellent torque resistance, and minimal internal defects, making it a crucial welding method for black metal materials.

Stress Relief Annealing: 

To eliminate material stress resulting from welding, a large fuel-fired annealing furnace is employed, subjecting multiple main frames to 600-degree annealing simultaneously. The furnace maintains stable and uniform temperatures, and electronic monitoring ensures thorough stress removal from the welding process, guaranteeing product quality that cannot be achieved with typical small electric furnaces, which often result in uneven temperature and incomplete stress elimination.

Precision Machining: 

High-precision surfaces, such as the guide rails and racks of the machine bed, undergo machining with a 5-axis CNC machining center to obtain a high-quality installation base, ensuring cutting precision.

High-Strength Aerospace Aluminum Beam: 

Featuring a unique honeycomb-shaped patented design, this beam offers a large cross-section, lightweight construction, high strength, excellent precision, and dynamic responsiveness. It is suitable for high-speed, high-response, and high-performance laser cutting.

Top-Tier Laser Source: 

The machine is equipped with an internationally renowned laser source, and it features a mobile gantry structure and an overall surrounding enclosure that facilitates efficient smoke and dust removal during cutting. This ensures long-lasting stability, safety, and environmental friendliness.


Features & Advantages

Automatic Focus Laser Cutting Head: 

No manual focus adjustment is needed as the software automatically adjusts the focusing lens and controls the vertical movement, enabling automatic piercing and cutting of different thicknesses of sheet metal. The software remembers the focal lengths for various materials, simplifying operation.

Long Service Life: 

Tailored for users, an air cutting process database is provided, suitable for various metal materials, including carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and especially stainless steel, with a cutting thickness of up to 90mm.

Leading Brand FSCUT Laser Cutting Control System: 

Featuring a user-friendly human-machine interface and wireless handheld controller.

Servo Drive System: 

The motion mechanism employs gear racks, linear guide rails, and other transmissions, along with direct linear guide rail guidance, ensuring high speed, high precision, and high performance of the equipment.

Technical Parameter


Our equipment finds extensive use in various industries, including electromechanical equipment, sheet metal processing, electrical enclosures, stainless steel products, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, jewelry, automotive components, eyewear, hardware tools, advertising signage, and interior decoration. It is also widely applied in mechanical processing fields such as dust collector manufacturing, office furniture production, stainless steel sheet metal processing, lighting fixture manufacturing, stair handrail manufacturing, and the elevator industry.   

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