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Advantages of CO2 dynamic marking machine!

1. The adjustment of the front focusing lens can be controlled to achieve large-format laser marking. It can automatically adjust to a certain focus within the swing range of the galvanometer to achieve large-format laser marking. The marking format can reach 600mm*600mm;

2. The edges are not deformed, and each beam of light from the laser is theoretically consistent in thickness, enabling fine marking with high precision, fast speed, and free control of the depth of engraving;

3. The laser has high power and can be used for engraving and cutting a variety of non-metal products;

4. No consumables, low processing costs, and the laser operating life is up to 20,000-30,000 hours;

5. Clear markings, not easy to wear, high engraving and cutting efficiency, environmentally friendly and energy-saving;

6. Supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, JPGE, etc., and can directly use SHX and TTF fonts;

7. Supports automatic encoding, printing of serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, barcodes, QR codes, automatic number jumping, etc.;

8. Powerful graphics drawing and editing functions, which can directly mark color pictures, or convert color pictures to grayscale and then mark;