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CO2 laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries

SAN LASER's state-of-the-art CO2 fiber laser cutting machine,A widely used precision cutting tool. The main principle of CO2 laser cutting machine is

to use the power of carbon dioxide gas to generate high-intensity laser beams, so that various non-metallic materials can be cut with high accuracy.

One of the main advantages of our CO2 laser cutting machine is its excellent performance. The machine can achieve extremely accurate cutting. 

This accuracy can be maintained even at high speeds, which can quickly and effectively complete complex cutting tasks. In addition, the laser beam generated by the machine has a narrow focal length, which can minimize the thermal impact area and ensure smooth and clean cutting.

SAN's CO2 laser cutting machine is also worthy of attention. It can be used to cut various materials, including plastic, wood, paper, rubber, fabric, acrylic, and even some types of glass. The adjustable power output of the machine allows operators to fine -tune the cutting process for different materials to ensure the best effect of cutting.

CO2 laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries, including:

Identification and display: Perfect cutting and complex designs and letters are used for signatures and display in acrylic, wood and other materials.

Fashion and textiles: ideal cutting fabrics, leather and other textile materials.

The packaging industry: It can accurately cut the packaging materials such as hard cardboard, plastic and foam, and improve the beauty and

functions of packaging.

Craft gifts: Complete the fine patterns and shapes of paper products, wood, leather and other materials, which are widely used in the production of crafts.

Prototype and model production: used to create accurate prototypes and models with various materials.

In addition to these industrial applications, CO2 laser cutting machines can also be used in creative fields. Artists and designers use complex patterns and shapes on wood, acrylic and other materials to add unique personal styles to their works.

In short, our CO2 laser cutting machine is a powerful and widely used tool, with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and versatility. Its excellent performance, the ability to cut various materials, and the diverse applications of various industries have made a broad market demand.