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Correct startup and shutdown operations and precautions for fiber laser cutting machines!

Correct startup and shutdown operations and precautions for fiber laser cutting machines

1. Boot process

1)Check the equipment: First, make sure that the environment around the laser cutting machine is dry, clean and well-ventilated, and that the temperature of the laser tube cooling water is normal. Check the appearance of the device, check whether the device is damaged, whether the power supply is normal, etc., and ensure that it meets the conditions of use.

2)Turn on the power: After connecting the power cord of the device, press the power button. After the device is powered on, the software interface will be entered, and the operator can perform various operations on the laser cutting machine. Before using the equipment, you should be familiar with the operating procedures and standardized operating procedures.

3)Debugging the tool: Open the front door of the equipment, check the tool settings and adjustments, and then close the front door of the equipment before starting the operation.

4)Execute the cutting task: The operator sets the cutting task (including cutting depth, cutting speed, etc.) in the software as needed, and starts executing the task after confirmation.

2. Shutdown process

1)Stop cutting: Before stopping the laser cutting task, you should first stop the cutting task according to the procedure specified in the operation process, and ensure that cutting stops before proceeding to the next step.

2)Turn off the power: After cutting is completed, first close the software and then the computer. The shutdown steps are as follows:

(1) Select shutdown in the software.

(2) Confirm in the software whether to save the task, and select save if necessary.

(3) After confirming that the equipment is shut down, turn off the external power plug.

3. Clean up the equipment: Clean the cutting materials and residues, check the equipment for malfunctions, damage, loose parts, etc., and report it in time.

【Safety Precautions】

When operating a laser cutting machine, special attention should be paid to the following safety matters:

1. It is strictly prohibited to operate and touch the internal parts of the laser cutting machine while the equipment is working.

2. Never let the laser beam shine directly on the human body or other flammable or explosive items.

3. Do not pile up flammable or explosive items or keep items in a mess around the equipment.

4. Standardize the treatment of waste materials and residues generated during cutting and processing.

5. Do not let the laser cutting machine work under inappropriate conditions, and ensure that the equipment environment, maintenance and operating personnel meet safety requirements.