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CO2 laser cutting machine

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CO2 laser cutting machines offer a variety of cutting options for different types of materials such as acrylic, leather, wood, fabric, plastic, etc. with high speed and precision. Laser cutting and engraving is a non-contact process that produces high-quality products and the freedom to create intricate designs. Some of its well-known applications are in fabric industry, leather industry, shoe industry, acrylic cutting, pen engraving industry, etc. With a laser cutter, you can also engrave the same product at the same time, just by changing the power settings. As one of the most professional laser machine manufacturers, we can provide you with the most feasible solutions in terms of machine price and quality according to your industry.

·Inner transmission rail and hidden guide rail structure, Better effect, Faster speed, andcan Prevent smoke aging of guide rail. 

·Synchronous gear, made of Pure Copper, Wear-resistant and Corrosion-resistant

·All motors are installed vertically and belong to the same resonance point to reducevibration and increase cutting effect.

·High Precision Milled table, fine milling platform to ensure accuracy, encrypt smallblade.

·0.25 filament optical frame, filament thread is not easy to be dimmed, the optical path is more stable, the fixed lens is made of pure copper, heat dissipation is fast, and it has the function of cooling the lens

·Y axis motor is transmitted in the middle, and the force is balance


Technical Parameter


Mainly used in non-metallic materials, such as cloth wool, leather, paper, ABS two-color board,acrylic, wood products, bamboo products, plastics, rubber, tiles, crystals, etc

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