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Introduction to SAN fiber laser cutting machine!

Performance features:

1. Integral gantry structure, high-strength steel plate welded machine bed, annealed stress relief treatment, sufficient rigidity and small deformation. The cutting area is equipped with a dust removal device, time-divided, concentrated suction, emission compliance, purification and environmental protection. Waste storage boxes are arranged at the bottom of the bed for centralized cleaning, which is convenient and fast.

2. Aviation-grade special formed aluminum beam: adopts lightweight design concept; after finite element optimization analysis, it has good dynamic performance. The beam base and Z-axis slide plate are designed with high-strength cast aluminum integrated molding, which is lightweight, compact, high-precision and responsive. quick.

3. Adopt a bilateral drive structure, select international first-class brand high-precision reducers, rack and pinion and linear guide systems, equipped with a full set of high-precision servo motor drives, with high precision, large torque and good performance.

4. Built-in high-efficiency automatic nesting horizontal blocks, combined with automatic follow-up cutting heads and embedded process databases, realize a variety of laser-specific functions in an all-round way.

5. The focusing spot of the laser lens is smaller, the cutting lines are finer, the work efficiency is higher, and the processing quality is better.

6. Optical fiber transmission and flexible processing enable equal-quality cutting at any point.

7. Professional laser cutting machine CNC control system, computer operation, easier to operate.

8. Compatible with a variety of software, you can design various graphics or text for instant cutting. The operation is simple, flexible and convenient.

Advantages features :

1) Fiber lasers have high electro-optical conversion efficiency, which can greatly save power consumption during operation and have extremely low operating costs.

2) Good beam quality, stable performance, flexible transmission, no need to adjust the optical path, and basically maintenance-free.

3) Durable, high-quality processing and more efficient at the same time

4) Low energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

5) Extremely high cutting speed, the overall operating efficiency is more than 5 times that of traditional processing methods, and the labor required is 20% of traditional processing methods, making workers' work easier.