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How to choose laser welding head?

First of all, QILIN laser welding joints are highly flexible and easy to operate. It has 6 different light spot modes, including point, line, circle, double circle, triangle and figure 8, which can cover workpieces of various shapes. QILIN welding joints can also be integrated with advanced technologies such as laser processing systems, computer numerical control and even robots to achieve diversified technical operations, including changes in power, width and frequency. In addition, QILIN welding joints have integrated intelligent management, which can save time and labor costs.

RAYTOOLS laser welding heads, such as the BW20K transmission laser welding head, are suitable for high-power fiber laser welding scenarios. It can work stably for a long time under high power , and has a large weld depth-to-width ratio, making it easy to complete deep penetration welding. RAYTOOLS welding joints also have an efficient cooling system, which can extend the continuous working time. Additionally, it is designed with dustproof and lens protection in mind to increase service life and welding quality.

CHAOQIANG laser welding joint is easy to operate, has high flexibility in use, and can be used for long-term continuous operation. It is suitable for production of all sizes, and is especially suitable for scenarios that require long-term and high-intensity work. , but generally speaking, it may emphasize high strength and high efficiency of welding. CHAOQIANG may refer to its welding capabilities, especially its ability to handle high-intensity or difficult welding tasks.

It should be noted that different laser welding joints are suitable for different application scenarios and requirements. When selecting a suitable laser welding joint, comprehensive considerations need to be made based on specific process requirements, equipment compatibility, budget and other factors.