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How to extend the service life of fiber laser cutting machine?

The key components that need to be maintained in daily use of fiber laser cutting machines mainly include the cooling system (ensure constant temperature effect), dust removal system ( ensure dust removal effect), fiber source system (ensure beam quality), and transmission system (ensure general operation). In addition, a good working environment and correct usage habits are also conducive to extending the service life of the equipment.

· Cooling system maintenance

The water in the chiller needs to be replaced regularly, usually once a week. The quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It’s recommended to use purified water or distilled water, and the water temperature should be controlled below 35°C. If the water is not changed for a long time, it is easy to form scale and block the waterway, so the water must be changed regularly.

Secondly, keep the water flowing. The cooling water is responsible for taking away the heat generated by the laser tube. The higher the water temperature, the lower the light output power (15-20℃ is better); when the water is cut off, the heat accumulated in the laser cavity will cause the tube end to burst and even damage the laser power supply. Therefore, it is very necessary to check whether the cooling water is unobstructed at any time. When the water pipe has a hard bend (dead bend) or falls off, causing the water pump to fail, it must be repaired in time to avoid power supply drop or even damage to the equipment.

· Maintenance of dust removal system

After the fan has been used for a long time, a lot of dust will accumulate, which will affect the exhaust and deodorization effects and also produce noise. When it is found that the fan has insufficient suction and smoke exhaust is not smooth, first turn off the power, remove the fan inlet and outlet ducts, remove the internal dust, and then turn the fan upside down to stir the air. Until the blades are clean, then install the fan. Fan maintenance cycle: about 1 month.

· Maintenance of light source system

After the machine has been working for a period of time, due to the working environment, a layer of dust will be coated on the surface of the lens, which reduces the reflectivity and transmittance of the reflective lens, and ultimately affects the working power of the machine. Use alcohol cotton soaked with absorbent to carefully wipe along the center of the lens to the edge. When installing the focusing lens, make sure the concave surface faces down. In addition, the use of ultra-high-speed punches should be minimized. Using a conventional punch can extend the service life of the focusing lens.

· Transmission system maintenance

The equipment will generate smoke and dust during the long-term cutting process. Fine smoke and dust will enter the equipment through the dust cover and adhere to the top of the guide rail frame. Long-term accumulation will increase the wear of the rail frame. The rack guide is a relatively precise accessory. A large amount of dust accumulated on the guide rail will cause corrosion points on the surface of the guide straight tube, shortening the service life of the equipment. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment, the guide rail and linear cylinder must be carefully maintained daily and dusted regularly. After removing the dust, grease the frame and guide rail. Each bearing should also be regularly refueled to maintain flexible transmission, accurate processing, and extend the service life of the machine.

· Good working environment

Keep the workshop environment dry and well ventilated, with the ambient temperature between 4℃ and 33℃. Pay attention to the dew protection of the equipment in summer and the antifreeze of the laser equipment in winter. The equipment should be kept away from electrical equipment that is sensitive to electromagnetic interference to prevent long-term electromagnetic interference. Stay away from sudden interference from high-power and strong vibration equipment. Large battery interference sometimes causes machine failure. Although this situation is rare, it should be avoided as much as possible.

· Other precautions

During the operation of the equipment, the operator should observe the working status of the equipment at any time. If any abnormal situation is found, cut off all power supplies immediately and take corresponding measures actively. Regularly confirm the use of the machine and regularly record the various parts of the metal fiber laser cutting machine. If the effect is not good, replace it in time just in case. Do not process the material before determining whether it can be irradiated or heated by the laser to avoid potential hazards of smoke and steam and damage to the laser equipment. If you use the above daily maintenance tips, I believe your equipment will have a longer service life and higher efficiency!