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How to judge the cutting quality of laser cutting machine?

1.Roughness: The cross section of laser cutting, especially thick plates, will form vertical lines. The depth of the lines determines the degree of cutting roughness. The shallower the lines, the smoother the cross section and the better the cutting quality. Roughness greatly affects the beauty of the metal and the difficulty of other subsequent processing. Therefore, in most cases, the shallower and more delicate the lines, the lower the roughness, and the better the quality.

2.Verticality: When the laser beam is magnified, it is actually a cylinder. It is focused to form a focus and irradiate the metal material. Therefore, the laser beam diverges away from the focus. In this way, according to the position of the focus, the top or bottom of the cut will become wider, and the cut section will form a taper. The verticality is not obvious when cutting thin plates, but it is very important when cutting plates larger than 10mm. The more vertical the cutting edge, the higher the cutting quality.

3.Slag scraping and burrs: Slag scraping mainly manifests itself in burrs deposited on the cutting section. During the laser cutting process, gas will blow away the melted or vaporized material residue, but no matter whether it is upward or downward, it will form a certain amount of deposition on the surface. Cutting burrs is a factor that greatly affects the cutting quality. It will increase the additional processing volume and increase the processing cost. Burrs can be clearly seen, so they are also the most direct factor in judging the cutting quality.