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How to maintain a laser cutting machine to prevent machine performance degradation?

Laser cutting machines will face loss problems in long-term use. Machine wear will affect cutting speed, cutting accuracy and cutting effect. The following are the problems and countermeasures that may occur when using laser cutting machines:

1. Long-term use will cause the laser power to decrease

Regular maintenance, replacement of aging bearings, and adjustment of internal pressure to optimize the precision of the laser cutting machine

2. The distance between the nozzles of the laser cutting machine and the distance between the workpiece and the nozzles will also affect the power of the laser cutting machine

The recommended distance is 0.8mm

3. The focus position of the laser cutting machine will affect the cutting accuracy, especially the focus diameter.

Timely adjustment of the focus position can maintain cutting machine performance

4. Auxiliary gas and gas pressure will also affect the power of the laser cutting machine

It is recommended to use compressed air or nitrogen as auxiliary gas. If the thickness of the material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the air pressure should be appropriately reduced.

5. Improper use, long-term overload production of the laser cutting machine, lack of regular maintenance and improper operation by the staff will lead to a decrease in the performance of the cutting machine.

When using the cutting machine, you must strictly follow the user manual for regular maintenance, cleaning and standardized use.