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Industrial applications of fiber laser cleaning machines

1.Mold cleaning

Laser can achieve non-contact cleaning of molds, which is very safe for the mold surface and can clean the mold dead corners and other difficult-to-clean parts with higher cleaning accuracy. It can achieve truly pollution-free, efficient and high-quality cleaning.

2. Precision Instrument Cleaning

The precision machinery industry often needs to remove esters and mineral oils used for lubrication and corrosion resistance on parts. Chemical cleaning often leaves residues. Laser degreasing can completely remove esters and mineral oils without damaging the surface of the parts.

3. Aircraft surface paint removal

The surface of the aircraft needs to be painted regularly, but the original old paint needs to be completely removed before painting. Traditional mechanical paint removal can easily damage the metal surface of the aircraft; chemical paint removal will produce a large amount of chemical waste, which is harmful to the environment and the health of workers. Fiber laser cleaning machines can achieve high-quality removal of paint on the surface of aircraft, and are easy to realize automated production. At present, this technology has begun to be applied to the maintenance of some high-end models.