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The main uses and applications of co2 laser cutting machines

Laser technology is an advanced processing technology. Medium power CO2 laser machines for light industrial customers are widely used. According to different product application fields, they can be divided into low-end, mid-range and high-end, forming different levels of product ladder structures to meet the needs of different levels of customers.

In the field of plastic cutting, one of the main advantages of plastic CO2 laser cutting is the ability to cut highly complex parts very quickly without stressing and deforming the workpiece. The greater advantage lies in thermoplastic materials, which can be obtained with high quality and smooth cutting surfaces that are difficult to obtain with other cutting methods. It is also very good at cutting polyester and polycarbonate materials. CO2 laser cutting equipment can cut synthetic rubber or natural rubber with a thickness of up to 20mm.

In glass cutting, it is the traditional way of processing using diamond grinding wheels and high-hardness metal wheels for cutting glass and glass products. Its biggest disadvantage is that it requires reprocessing of the machined edges, leaving asymmetric edge stresses on the material. , there are problems such as residual debris, micro-cracks, and uneven edges, resulting in reduced production.

In the field of die cutting, laser cutting is widely used by companies that manufacture architectural models. They often need to carve complex shapes into the sheet. Most models use acrylic sheets, which can be cut very efficiently with CO2 laser cutting equipment. Laser cutting is also common among movie special effects companies and theme park design companies. Companies with CO2 laser cutting equipment in their workplaces include Disney Imaging.

In terms of cutting the metal casing of mobile phone battery casings, due to the widespread use of mobile phones, the issue of environmentally friendly recycling of mobile phone batteries has attracted everyone's attention. Laser cutting of metal casings outside mobile phone batteries is used for recycling to effectively meet market demand.

Oil curtain cutting and LCD industrial glass substrate cutting are high-end applications of medium-power CO2 lasers.

In glass substrate cutting for the LCD industry, laser processing has excellent processing quality for color filters, liquid crystal and ITO conductive glass, high processing edge strength and wide application, and can complete all processing tasks in a single step.

In general ,co2 laser cutting machines can be used for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, plastic, wood board, resin, etc.

Suitable for various industries such as clothing, greeting cards, models, handicrafts, toys, advertising, etc.