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Why choose Shanghai San as your laser machine manufacturer?

Laser has become one of the basic technologies of modern high-end manufacturing and plays a pivotal role. Laser-related products and services have spread all over the world, forming a huge laser industry.

The continuous upgrading of laser equipment and the expansion of new application scenarios have driven the continuous and rapid growth of the entire laser industry.

Since the day we were founded, we have been dedicated to research and development, innovation and production of high quality machines. During the last 10 years, our products have been successfully installed all over the world.

We offer various kind of laser machines such asHandheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine,CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, CO2 Laser Tube,Fiber Laser Cutting Machine,Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

In our quest for a long-term win-win partnership with our customers, we ensure that all products are within global quality parameters by conducting comprehensive testing with modern quality control equipment. We have maintained timely delivery times, fast service, engineering support, improved accuracy and driven throughput.

Please contact us for the latest quotation, we look forward to a long term cooperation with you!