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1325 rack Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

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1325 rack Co2 Laser Cutting Machine is designed for cutting of fabric, leather, leatherette and other rolled materials. But this does not mean that the range of materials for cutting and engraving is limited only to fabric, the machine can handle plywood, cardboard, rubber, acrylic, plexiglass, wood, etc. Universal working area of 1300x2500 mm is suitable for most materials used in production and you do not need additional cutting. Thanks to this, you will reduce unnecessary costs for additional work.

                       · High strength fuselage machine square pipe welding bed body,thickened and                            · Y-axis domestic inclined rack with high speed linear guide rail German 

                         thickened square pipe,important transmission parts oblique pull reinforcement support               gantry milling flat rack and guide rail base um

                                      · Stabilize the laser tube                                                       · Constant light road perfectly solves the full-page cutting consistency

                                     · The latest offline color screen control card                                          · Stabilize the transformer output to ensure the stability of the electrical components fix

                                                                                  · Industrial water cooler: JZ 6000                                             · Air-die fan: 550W

                                      · Air pump (fire protection optional)                                                                                        · On the smoking device

                                           · Built-in fan and air pump save more space                                                           · Blade horizontal

                                          · Deepen the slope and increase the drawer                                                   · The laser power supply is placed independently in the center, reducing the interference to other electrical parts

                                      · Y-axis dual-drive, built-in double-motor with reducer                                                  · Independent control switch ,Machine indication class marking screen printing 

Upgradable configuration:


                  · CCD patrol edge cutting                                                          · X axis bar                                                                          · XY upgrade the servo motor and drive


Technical Parameter


Widely used in the mold industry (construction molds, aviation and navigation molds, wood molds), advertising, decoration, handicrafts, electronics, electrical appliances, etc.

Suitable for cutting acrylic, crystal, plastic, wood board (balsa board, candle wood), bamboo, two-color board, paper, leather, shell, coconut shell, horn, resin animal fat, ABS board, ceramics, lampshade and other materials.

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