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Co2 Laser Cutting Bed

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co2 laser cutting bed is designed for cutting of fabric, leather, leatherette and other rolled materials. But this does not mean that the range of materials for cutting and engraving is limited only to fabric, the machine can handle plywood, cardboard, rubber, acrylic, plexiglass, wood, etc. Universal working area of 1300x2500 mm is suitable for most materials used in production and you do not need additional cutting. Thanks to this, you will reduce unnecessary costs for additional work.

· Precision milling guide rail

· ONk belt imported from Germany

· All laser heads are oxidized. beautiful and durable

· Triple mirror frame, brass material, not easy to rust

· Using the latest Ruida control panel software system

· Upper smoke suction design makes smoke exhaust smoother

· Independent control of built-in fan ,air pump, water chiller

· All are driven by Lesai three motors, the wiring is neat and orderly.

· Thin blades ensure 3-5 years of normal use without deformation.

· There is a built-in space on the back of the machine to deflate the air pump, fan, and watercooler, saving space.


Technical Parameter


Widely used in the mold industry (construction molds, aviation and navigation molds, wood molds), advertising, decoration, handicrafts, electronics, electrical appliances, etc.

Suitable for cutting acrylic, crystal, plastic, wood board (balsa board, candle wood), bamboo, two-color board, paper, leather, shell, coconut shell, horn, resin animal fat, ABS board, ceramics, lampshade and other materials.

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