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Analysis of key points of metal sheet laser cutting technology, you need it!

The application range of metal sheet metal workpieces is very wide, such as the automotive industry, construction industry, heavy machinery, aerospace, bridge construction, etc. The metal sheet metal laser cutting process, as an important link in the production of sheet metal materials, plays a very important role in the application of the sheet metal industry. The high efficiency and high performance of the sheet metal laser cutting process can improve the utilization rate of the sheet metal, effectively reduce the production cost of the enterprise, and bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise.

With the continuous updating and iteration of sheet metal processing technology, the metal sheet laser cutting technology is also developing rapidly. The application and advantages of laser cutting in metal sheet metal processing are mainly as follows:

(1) The metal sheet laser cutting technology is highly intelligent. The equipment uses computer programming software. Laser cutting can effectively utilize the advantages of programming software, greatly improve the utilization rate of thin plate materials, reduce the use and waste of materials, and reduce the labor intensity and strength of workers to achieve ideal results. This function of optimizing material arrangement can omit the cutting link of thin plate cutting, effectively reduce the clamping of materials, and reduce the time of processing assistance.

(2) Shorten product development and production cycle, and improve the efficiency of metal sheet metal product production. The application of metal sheet laser cutting can greatly reduce the number of molds used, save the development cost of new products, and improve the efficiency of product development. The parts cut by metal sheet laser have very high precision and perfect edges. The standardized and intelligent production process is conducive to the control and improvement of product quality.

(3) Metal sheet laser cutting can effectively reduce sheet metal processing procedures and reduce production costs. The laser cutting process can realize the rapid cutting of complex parts without being restricted by materials. It can be applied to the rapid laser cutting of various metal plates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc. The cutting and punching processes can be completed simultaneously on one laser cutting device, which can achieve the dual optimization and reduction of workers' labor intensity and processing costs, and promote the optimization of the working environment, greatly improve the speed and progress of R&D, reduce the cost of mold investment, and effectively reduce the production cost of enterprises;