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Can girls also learn to use laser marking machines?

1 Introduction

Laser marking machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency marking equipment that is widely used in various industries. In order to ensure the normal operation and use of the laser marking machine, this article will introduce in detail the correct use of the laser marking machine. The operation is simple and girls can also use it.

2. Equipment Overview

Laser marking machine is a device that uses high energy density laser beam to permanently mark objects. It usually consists of laser generator, scanning system and control system. Laser marking machines have the characteristics of high speed, high precision and non-contact, and are widely used in industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, jewelry and other industries. With the popularity of laser marking machines, for many people, desktop laser marking machines are more like a small "toy" in life, which can help them mark some of their favorite small objects, making them more special.

3. Safety instructions

- Before using the laser marking machine, please ensure that you have received appropriate safety training and are familiar with the basic principles and safety regulations of laser operation.

- When operating a laser marking machine, appropriate protective equipment should be worn, including goggles and isolation gloves.

- Do not stare directly into the laser beam to avoid eye damage.

- Ensure good ventilation in the working area of the laser marking machine to prevent the exhaust gas emitted by the laser from causing harm to the human body.

- During operation, it is prohibited to bring fingers or other body parts close to the laser marking area to avoid accidental injury.

4. Operation steps

4.1 Preparation

- Connect the power supply and turn on the laser marking machine.

- Make sure the work platform is dry and clean.

- Select the appropriate marking pattern or text as needed.

4.2 Positioning and adjustment

- Place the object to be marked on the working platform of the laser marking machine and position it accurately.

- Adjust the focus point of the laser beam to ensure proper marking depth and clarity.

4.3 Marking operation

- Input or import marking patterns or text on the operation interface.

- According to the actual situation, adjust the marking parameters, including marking speed, power and frequency, etc.

- Click the start button and the laser marking machine starts working.

- During the marking process, it is strictly prohibited to interfere with the operation of the laser marking machine or the mobile work platform.

4.4 End operation

- After marking is completed, turn off the laser marking machine and cut off the power supply.

- Clean work platforms and keep equipment tidy.

5. Troubleshooting

In the process of using the laser marking machine, you may encounter the following fault conditions:

- The laser marking is not clear: Check whether the focus point of the laser beam is accurate, adjust the focus or replace the appropriate lens.

- The marking speed is too slow: Check whether the marking parameter settings are reasonable and increase the marking speed appropriately.

- The device cannot start: Check whether the power connection is normal and ensure that the device receives a stable power supply.

If the above troubleshooting methods cannot solve the problem, please contact the after-sales service personnel in time.

6. Maintenance

- Clean the optical part of the laser marking machine regularly to keep the lens clean to avoid dust from affecting the marking quality.

- Check the connection line of the laser marking machine to ensure stable signal transmission.

- Pay attention to the heat dissipation problem of the laser marking machine to avoid overheating of the equipment caused by long-term continuous operation.

Like SAN LASER, every machine sent to customers will have a USB inside, which will store various information such as the machine's setting parameters and instructions for use. You only need to spend a little time to familiarize yourself with it, and you can operate the marking machine yourself. .