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How to maintain laser marking machine?

"Cherish every item because they are a gift of time." The long life of a machine depends on our daily care. Therefore, the care and maintenance of the machine is very necessary. I will introduce you to a few tips for maintaining the laser marking machine to help you maximize the use of the machine.

How to maintain laser marking machine?

1.When working, laser have no light is generally by the following reasons:

viruses and computer program damage (need to redo system, it is necessary need to format the entire hard disk or replace the computer) 

laser 24 v power supply damage (replace the power supply), 

marking software Settings set correctly marking software) 

laser damage (replace laser) 

the above problems need to be solved by the technicians or professionals,not to cause more unnecessary problems. 

2.During machine working, please pay attention to the use of computer to avoid infection virus damaging computer program,causing equipment work abnormal. 

3.when there is abnormal during use, please contact distributors or manufacturers contact,not with abnormal work, in order to avoid damage of machine. 

4.Use machine in summer, please keep indoor temperature about 25 to 27 degrees,to avoid device dewing, causing device burned. 

5.machine needs to keep away from shock,dust,moisture. 

Machine operating voltage must be stable,it is necessary to use a regulator. 

6.The machine must be good near ground in order to reduce machine failure rate 

Above are Fiber laser marking machine user detail information.Hope can operate careful to reduce machine failure rate, prolong its service life.