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Causes and solutions for aging of fiber laser cutting machines

1. Parameter setting related

The factory parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine are pre-set. Due to the variety of plates to be processed, the manufacturer is open to users to adjust the parameters. Although the factory-set parameters have a margin, they are the optimal parameters obtained through long-term application practice. The power of the laser itself will decrease slightly as the years of use increase. Therefore, it is particularly important to use it according to the manufacturer's standards.

2. Maintenance

The life of the mechanical and electrical components of the equipment will be affected by the surrounding environment (dust and smoke), and they are prone to aging and even failure. It is also very important to properly maintain the environment around the fiber laser cutting machine.

The solutions are:

1. Use the equipment strictly according to the factory parameters of the manufacturer to effectively extend the life of the cutting equipment.

2. Maintain the environment around the cutting machine to ensure the cutting quality.

3. Use compressed air and vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from the fiber laser cutting machine operating table, electrical cabinets and the surface of each equipment every day. All electrical cabinet doors should be closed tightly to prevent dust.

4. Remove the dust cover of each axis every quarter, check whether the gear rack and guide rail are worn or have foreign matter, and clean and refuel in time. This matter is of utmost importance and must be done, otherwise, it will slightly affect the cutting accuracy, and seriously damage the grating guide rail.