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CO2 laser marking machine

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CO2 laser markers produce permanent marks on the surface of nonmetallic and organic materials by electronically stimulating carbon dioxide gas emissions. They mark surfaces using small dots that facilitate a more consistent material appearance by minimizing the risk of radial chipping and cracking.

Material marking versatility: Our CO2 lasers are great for marking organic materials like wood, rubber, paper and ceramic.

Installation flexibility: These CO2 laser marking systems are equally capable of stationary bench-top use and mark-on-the-fly installations.

Powerful operation: CO2 lasers are powerful and efficient, making them an excellent choice for heavy industrial and high-duty cycle applications.

High-speed marking: CO2 laser engravers have faster marking speeds than other machines, producing more products in less time.

General configuration

1.   RF laser tube

2.   Beijing JCZ EZCAD Card; support WIN7 WIN8 32bit 64bit all systems;

3.   110/150mm galvo lens , brand : Nanjing Wavelength--Best brand in Market

4.   Location by Double red light testing and changing holder will be easier;

5.   SINO GALVO high speed galvometer;

6.   Desktop with 55cm z pillar height ;with z axis electric up and down ;

7.   Using Air cooling, so volume of the machine is small. The quality of laser beam is good ; Fastest & Best service we will provide for laser source .

Optional accessories

Quality control


Technical Parameter

Beam qualityM2:1.5
Average output power20 w/30 w/50 w
Maximum linear marking speed8000 mm/s
Laser wavelength1064 nm
Marking range70-300-mm(optional)
Laser repetition frequency20 KHZ-80 KHZ,1-500 KHZ
Minimum character heightThe 0.2 mm
Marking depth>0.01mm
Repeat accuracyThe 0.005 mm
Minimum line widthThe 0.01 mm
Electridty demand220 v/50 hz
Power consumption of the whole machine<500 w
Cooling systemAir cooling


Widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, plastics, textiles, leather, wood, crafts, electronic components, communications, watches, glasses, printing and other industries.

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