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Dynamic CO2 laser marking machine

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The CO2 dynamic marking machine is specially designed to meet the requirements of rapid cutting and engraving of clothing, leather, non-metallic materials, artworks, handicrafts, etc. Through the optimized use of cutting-edge laser technology, the marking performance of this non-metal laser marking machine is amazing, even doubling the added value of the original product.

• High efficiency cutting and marking function; 

• Powerful CO2 glass tube with fine laser beam; 

• Characterized by high strength in use, compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming ability. 

• Dynamic galvanometer system, fast marking speed, bigger working range. 

• 3D marking solves the traditional laser marking problems on stepped surfaces, slopes, cylinders, cones and other targets, making the distortion of 

fonts a thing of the past.

General configuration

1. 600*600mm maximum marking range size

2. CO2 glass laser tube with coaxial red light

3. S&A water chiller

4. Dynamic galvo scanner

5. Controller system

6. Honeycomb table

7. A desktop computer

8. A 550W exhaust fan

RECI W4 laser tube 

3D dynamic focus galvanometer 

600*600 large format

S&A water chiller

High quality RECI laser tube can 

ensure superior machine quality.  


The resolution is up to 12pRAD,

the repeatability is up to 8uRAD, 

the details determine the accuracy

Large format can improve production  

efficiency and is widely used in various 


Independent water cirulation cooling 

system,intelligent monitoring of water 

temperature, protection of laser tube. 


Technical Parameter

Laser Power(Glass Tube)RECI W4100W
Working AreaX/Y/Z 400*400mm~800*800mm
laser wavelength1064μm
Control SoftwareJCZ EACAD
Power Supply110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 2kVA
Marking SpeedMaximum 7000mm\s
Warranty1 Year
Warranty of core Components3 years
Position Accuracy0.01mm
Laser Lifetime>20,000 hours


The dynamic co2 laser marking machine is able to engrave and cut various non-metal materials.

For example: engraving on jeans / demin, cards, leather, wood, plastic, mdf, glass, coated metal, pvc, rubber, stone, etc.

And cutting: paper, cards, cloth, leather, etc.    

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