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Fiber laser marking machine

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Fiber Laser Marking Machine can process all metal and some non-metal materials. It can be used on stainless steel, carbon steel, copper plate, aluminum plate and many more. It a best choice for industry needs. The machine has longest service life among all other marking technology.

It can process a variety of metal and non-metal materials. In particular, marking high-hardness, high-melting-point, and brittle materials is more advantageous.

It belongs to non-contact processing, no damage to products, no tool wear, and good marking quality.

The laser beam is thin, the processing matenial consumption is very small, and the processing heat affected area is small. 

High processing efficiency, computer control and easy automation

General configuration

1.   Raycus/Max laser source.

2.   Beijing JCZ EZCAD Card; support WIN7 WIN8 32bit 64bit all systems;

3.   110/150mm galvo lens , brand : Nanjing Wavelength--Best brand in Market

4.   Location by Double red light testing and changing holder will be easier;

5.   SINO GALVO high speed galvometer;

6.   Desktop with 55cm z pillar height ;with z axis electric up and down ;

7.   Using Air cooling, so volume of the machine is small. The quality of laser beam is good ; Fastest & Best service we will provide for laser source .

Optional accessories

Quality control


Technical Parameter

Beam qualityM2:1.5
Average output power20 w/30 w/50 w/70w/100 w
Maximum linear marking speed8000 mm/s
Laser wavelength1064 nm
Marking range70-300-mm(optional)
Laser repetition frequency20 KHZ-80 KHZ,1-500 KHZ
Minimum character heightThe 0.2 mm
Marking depth>0.01mm
Repeat accuracyThe 0.005 mm
Minimum line widthThe 0.01 mm
Electridty demand220 v/50 hz
Power consumption of the whole machine<500 w
Cooling systemAir cooling


Especially suitable for application in some fine engraving, high precision products, It is applied on precision equipment, auto parts , hardware , tools, accessories , electronic components , food packaging , integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile  communications , jewelry,etc.

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