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Common problems and solutions for laser cutting machines!

During long-term use of the Aurora cutting machine, some problems will always occur. So what are the frequently encountered machine problems and basic solutions?

1. The laser cutting head does not emit light

a) Check whether the water circulates normally and allow the water to circulate normally. If the water protection is broken, it can be used by short-circuiting the water protection;


b) Click Preset to see if the ammeter swings. If not, use a multimeter to check whether there is 220v power in the laser power supply. If there is no light, the power supply may be faulty and needs to be replaced;


c) You can also test whether the water protection is broken by connecting the GND ground wire and P water protection short joint on the power supply. Short-circuit +5v and AIN to check the output power. If there is light, the potentiometer is broken and needs to be replaced:


d) If there is no light after running the program, you can use a multimeter to check whether there is a DC voltage of more than 3V between the 15 (H) or 16 (L) corner and the 14th corner of the connected card. If there is, it means that the card is normal and it is impossible. There is a problem with the card’s signal;


e) If there is noise inside the laser power supply, it is usually caused by poor contact of the power connector. Re-solder or connect it, and then blow out the dust inside the power supply;


2. The machine has abnormal phenomena such as random movements or pauses.

a) It is generally caused by static electricity interfering with the control card. For laser cutting machines, it is recommended that customers connect reliable ground wires to the casing and laser power supply casing;


b) When working offline, it is recommended to unplug the USB cable connected to the computer to avoid interference and cause shutdown;


3. The size of the cut graphics is inaccurate

a) Adjust the software file settings. The pulse equivalent in the workbench is generally 32 and 6400 pulses per movement. Depending on the machine, 32 can be increased or decreased and finely adjusted to achieve the best cutting accuracy;