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Five ways to adjust the marking depth of laser marking machines!

During the operation, choosing different parameters and marking workpieces of different materials will affect the marking depth of the laser marking machine, sometimes resulting in the marking effect being too shallow or too deep. In fact, the marking depth of the laser marking machine is It can be adjusted to a certain extent. The following are five methods to adjust the marking depth:

1. Increasing the laser power can directly increase the depth of laser marking, but the prerequisite for increasing the power is to ensure the laser power supply. Laser chillers, laser lenses, etc. must also be matched with it. The performance of its related accessories must withstand the performance after the power is increased. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to temporarily replace the accessories, but the cost will increase, and the workload or technical requirements will increase. .


2. Replace with better laser marking accessories. For example, if you use imported Q-switch for laser marking of semiconductor machines, the marking depth will be better.


3. Change the field lens of the laser marking machine into a small-range field lens. After the change, the marking depth will be deeper. For example, the current semiconductor laser marking machine can be equipped with a 110 field lens, becoming With the addition of a 50 field lens, the total laser energy and engraving depth will be approximately twice the previous results.


4. If the laser mode of the laser marking machine is made better, the marking depth will also be improved to a certain extent. For example, in the case of semiconductor laser marking, small holes are added to increase the cooling accuracy, and the laser mode is adjusted to emit light so that the laser Bigger, rounder, brighter.


5. Slow down the marking speed of the laser marking machine. With the same power and the same other parameters, if you only modify the marking speed, the marking depth will of course be deeper.