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Laser cutting: Cutting iron like mud is not a legend !

What does a laser look like in your eyes?

In the movie "Spider-Man: Homecoming", the miniature laser transmitter carried by the drone can also emit high-energy laser beams, and the thick door of the museum does not seem to have any "resistance" in front of it.

In the industrial society, facing thick metal walls, it is "rude", and the tool that cuts quickly is a laser beam. After this beam of light acts on the metal, it can cut them quickly and accurately.

So what is laser cutting? How high is the energy of this high-energy laser?

Laser cutting is a technique that uses a focused, high-power-density laser beam to cut material. Moreover, laser cutting is a type of thermal cutting.

Common laser cutting machines are:fiber laser cutting machineandCO2 laser cutting machine. As the names suggest, the lasers used by the two are derived from fiber lasers and CO2 lasers, respectively. At present, the market share of fiber lasers has long exceeded that of CO2 lasers by virtue of their high output power and small spot size, and is still growing.

Taking the optical power of 20kW as an example, if the fiber diameter is 200 microns and the numerical aperture is 0.22, the optical power density will be greater than 1000MW/Cm^2·str-1.The optical power of the traditional teaching laser pointer is only 1-5mW, and the optical power density is also very small. However, even when such a laser pointer irradiates the human body, especially the eyes, it also causes great harm. So, do you now know why laser cutting cuts iron like mud?

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