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Tips for adjusting the parameters of laser marking machines!

Laser marking is widely used in industrial processing. It has powerful functions and fine marking. If you want to achieve satisfactory results to a large extent, you need to set the parameters carefully. Tianzheng Laser will share with you some tips for adjusting the parameters of laser marking machines.

1. Generally speaking, if the depth is not enough, you can adjust the field lens, power and marking speed and other three internal parameters. If it is a problem of color depth, you need to adjust the frequency and speed. Industrial production focuses on speed. Generally, customers care about how much they can print in one minute, or how long it takes to print. In this case, try to increase the power, speed up, and increase the frequency to achieve the same effect as slow marking.

In the process of not confirming the parameters, first adjust a parameter based on experience, and then judge whether to increase or decrease the power, increase or decrease the marking speed and other parameters based on the printing effect.

2. Change the field lens of the laser marking machine to a small-range field lens. After the change, the marking depth will be deeper. For example, the current semiconductor laser marking machine can be equipped with a 110 field lens. After changing to a 50 field lens, the total laser energy and lettering depth will reach about 2 times the previous effect. But do not easily replace the equipment accessories without the guidance of professional technicians.

3. The direct reason for the insufficient processing depth and processing speed of the laser marking machine is: the effective power density of the laser processing is small. For the same material, (note: not power), the optical power density refers to the power per unit area, and the calculation formula is: laser power density = laser power / laser spot area.