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What are the functions of laser marking machine speed, power and frequency?

1. The speed of the marking machine: This refers to the speed of the laser scanning galvanometer. This speed refers to the speed that can be adjusted in the parameters, rather than the overall speed of marking a product. Because the overall marking speed is not only adjusted by the speed parameters, but also affected by factors such as marking depth and marking area. The function of the marking speed parameter is that when other conditions are constant, the faster the speed, the faster the marking speed.

2. The power of the marking machine: In the parameter settings, the power is adjusted by percentage, and the output power can be adjusted from 0% to 100%. The general default parameter is 50% output power. The larger the output power is adjusted, the greater the laser output energy will be, and the easier it will be to drill deeper. However, how much output power should be adjusted should be chosen according to your actual needs, because if the output energy is too large, the impact on the material will be greater. If you can achieve the effect you want, you don't need to turn on more power, otherwise the load will be high for a long time. If it works, it will have an impact on the service life of the laser.


3. Frequency of the marking machine: The number of pulses per unit time is called the marking frequency of the fiber laser marking machine. If the marking frequency is high, the laser points will be dense; if the marking frequency is low, the laser points will be loose.