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Three advantages of 1325 rack CO2 laser cutting machine!

1.Regarding the CO2 laser rack cutting machine, you need to know three advantages:

Compared with the traditional carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, the rack machine replaces the belt with a rack on the Y-axis. It can bring: 

1)The belt will cause deformation when used for a long time, but the rack is more durable and the machine has a longer service life. . 

2)The rack machine has higher cutting accuracy and can show more beautiful cutting effects. 

3)Machine upgrades, there is more demand in the market. Loved by many manufacturers.

2.Choose the most suitable CO2 laser cutting machine: the perfect combination of economic efficiency and precise cutting

The demand for cutting various non-metallic material products in the manufacturing industry is increasing day by day, and carbon dioxide laser cutting machines are widely used in this field due to their practicality and flexibility. As a machine user, how to find a machine that meets your needs is a question that many companies are thinking about.

First of all, enterprises must fully understand the different brands and models of equipment on the market, and comprehensively consider the price and performance of the equipment. It’s not always about choosing the most expensive one, but about choosing the more cost-effective equipment based on actual needs.

Secondly, considering the working efficiency and accuracy of the cutting machine, a good cutting machine should provide high working efficiency while ensuring cutting accuracy.

Finally, pay attention to the stability and durability of the equipment. A good machine should have stable working performance and be able to operate stably for a long time without being prone to failure.